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Providing Workday Technical Consulting Like No Other
Technology Readiness
Technology Roadmap
Technical Consulting

Technology Readiness will walk you through all the preparation that is required for preparing to implement Workday.  We will not only help assess current state readiness but also assist in preparing technical members of your organization for the implementation.

Part of any good technology long term strategy is to view a roadmap on where the organization wants to be in the future.  To help with this view we will help understand your current state and assist creating a way forward by providing a future state systems view and next steps in achieving those goals.

We are all things technology.  When it comes to things that are technical we can provide in the weeds designing, developing, testing and deploying solutions.

Coming Soon, customers can purchase pre-built integrations from a library of Workday integrations. 

The integrations will be built using a pre-defined standard.  They will be developed by some of the most veteran resources in the eco-system.  All integrations will go through a vigorous development and testing process to insure cleanliness and accuracy.  No two integrations are the same but integrating two systems is merely moving data from one system to another.  Not every customer should be starting from ground zero every time.  Take advantage of the library for reduced cost you can use it off the shelf or leverage it as the starting point that will get you most of the way there.  The library will provide guidance on best practices around development with Workday integrations across all types of integrations.


Coming Soon
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