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About Data Shepherd

Data Shepherd was created with the idea that implementing Workday technology should not be difficult or costly.  We are not just any Workday technology company, we are focused on providing insights into Workday implementations based on real implementation experience over the past 13 years.  Our goal is to reduce build to test phases and focus on education and adoption.

We work with only the most experienced and highly talented consultants in the eco system.  Each having over 10+ years of doing nothing but Workday.  Please reach out to learn more about what we can do to help you along your Workday Journey, from Readiness, Implementation, Production Support and Adoption. 

  • Global

  • 30k Workers

  • 7+ systems to convert into Workday

Issue: Current issues were converting data from all the different systems and preparing the data to seamlessly be loaded into Workday.  Was all manually being managed when taking this on.

  • North America 

  • 27k Workers

  • Security Administrator Matrix

Issue:  Unable to track security requirements internal to Workday.  Need to make sure folks get access to what they needed and give access to things they should not have.

Real Customers
  • Global 

  • 120k Workers

  • Data Warehouse

Issue:  Continue to support over 450 downstream systems that pull or data is pushed from a data warehouse after Workday go-live.  Need near real-time, periodic and nightly integration capabilities

Technology Solution:  Developed java application to take excel files and load into a MySQL database, perform translations and validations.  Validations where built using stored procedures called from the java application.  Once files were clean it would generate the output for the Service Integrator to import into Workday.  This reduced the time to build significantly.

Resolution:  Changed the existing data conversion process from the ground up.  Established a new process that involved all business units and created a conversion team across each.  Automated most of the file processing from cradle to grave.  Implemented new error reporting and lines of communication to facilitate quicker turnarounds on files.

Technology Solution:  Provide excel based workbook using VBA that would allow the user to maintain the input and outputs of the security groups across the application.  Provide interface to allow the user to enter a list of security groups to cross check.  

Resolution:  Designed and developed a security widget that allowed the security admin to select from a list of security groups and cross reference against other security groups displaying where security groups would or could be out of compliance.

Technology Solution:  Designed and developed 27 interfaces across all the Workday integration technologies.  This consisted of Connectors, EIB and Studios as needed.    

Resolution: Perform a bottom up analysis of data requirements for all the downstream systems.  Harmonize the data where needed.  Allow down streams to map any of their specific needs but the Workday (System of Record) would not map data.  

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